Internet, the best soil in which stupidity grows exponentially

Lame. The lamest dad on earth. Geez, what a shitty way of judging… Man, I would love to see you at that age, what you’ll look like, in spite of sickness and troubles that may come with the years.

I hope by then you’ll find someone that will love you no matter what, no matter your weight, aspect or ugly clothes you may wear. I hope you’ll find somebody wise enough to see past appearance, and truly cherish you for your soul and the qualities you hide inside (but do you?). I hope that one far away day, you’ll put on these ugly comfy kind of clothes and you’ll see the same despising look on the face of a judgmental kid… Man, spread love, not stupid jugdments based upon aspect. Look at the guy’s life and his commitments for the kids, the oceans, … You should show nothing but respect. But anyway, that’s so easy to express shallow and hurtful ideas hiding behind the anonymity of the internet…


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