Numbers and Life

They were standing on the dock, leaning on the railing. Side by side, watching the silver fluttering reflections of the moon on the dark blue sea. Eyes wandering in the distance, but minds focused on each other. The warm and salty wind was brushing their faces. They were not touching. They never really touched actually, everything was still to happen, but what was going on between them was stronger than anything they’ve felt before.

 » Did you take a good look at me ? » he said, eyes lost in the emptiness.

Her smile and the rumor of the waves were his only answer.

 » I’m old, I’m fat, and I’m ugly  » he added, finally looking at her. She turned to lock her eyes in his, her smile even wider.

 » Beauty is subjective my friend, and all the rest are numbers : numbers on your scale, numbers on your passport, on your bank account. Numbers. Life is not about numbers. « 

He smiled back at her, a smile full of doubts, full of the certainties that come with experience and age, afraid of believing in something that looks impossible.  » But still… You’re half my age, you’re beautiful… what will happen in five years, in ten years when you’ll get tired of me ? What will the people think of seeing us together ? « 

 » Let the fools see the world through poor mathematics. The good ones are the ones that see past your numbers  » She leaned over him and placed her hand on his heart  » they’re the ones that see what hides behind your numbers, right in there… I can’t tell you what will happen in ten years. We could be the exact same age that I won’t know what would the future be. We could get tired of each other regardless of age or aspect considerations. I just know what I feel right now. Life is what happens right now, don’t waste it in fearing the future… « 

 » You’re always so right, aren’t you ? » He was laughing now, he couldn’t fight her wisdom, he couldn’t fight happiness.

« May I kiss you? » He didn’t wait for the answer.

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